Spotted Dalmation Dog Known As Fireman’s Dog

“Sooo … Where’s the Fire?”

Advice From A Wise Old Dog

“so, little Pup … my advice to you is to play dumb … be sweet … and enjoy your family”

New York Dogs Are Happy Doggies

Lots to do and see in New York … lots of Doggie friends to keep them happy.

The Whippets RiRi & Nevin

Here are RiRi and Nevin … happy as clams … as you can see they have happily adjusted and are posing in this photo.

Doggie Loves Frisbee Photo

This Doggie says … “Please Play with me … I love to play Frisbee!”

RiRi & Nevin Are Happy Whippets

Ahhh … RiRi & Nevin getting very cozy now … having spent less than 24 hours together now.  So sweet.

RiRi the Whippet Puppy Meets Her Brother Nevin

Yesterday was a banner day for little whippet puppy RiRi.  She took her first car ride to her new home in Virginia and then she met all the members of her new family.  But best of all, she met her whippet brother, Nevin, for the very first time.  As you can see from the photo, both RiRi and Nevin have settled in quite well.

Stay tuned for all the fun adventures of this fun doggie duo … RiRi, the whippet puppy, and her brother Nevin.