Pet Tags That Are Handmade With Your Pet Name

Here’s a great idea for any of your pets that wear collars.  We love these metal pet tags that allow you to have your dog’s name stamped onto them.

What dog wouldn’t like to have this cute Sheriff’s star dangling on their collar.  How cute!  Many shapes to choose from.

From Etsy shop, Metals Artist, $12.50

Find if Pet Products Have Toxic Chemicals Before Buying


We are very excited to let you know about a site we just discovered called Healthy Stuff.  It’s a site that gives you immediate access to research done on Pet products and Toys, including pet beds.  The site is extremely easy to use and the information is presented in a simple coding system with graphics even a dog could understand.  It shows which products contain lead, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, mercury and bromine and to what degree it is present in that product.

At you can search by product, by brand or level of concern, for example, your concern of lead in a product. There’s even a spot to “tweet” the results you’ve found so you can quickly share the info with your contacts and friends.

It is certainly no wonder that so many pets develop cancer these days, with all the dangerous chemicals in products pets use on a daily basis.  But with this website, we all can benefit by choosing products and toys for our dogs, cats and other pets that we know have the least amount of toxic chemicals.  Please be sure to spread this info on to friends and family.

This Dog Is Really In the Driver’s Seat


We always hear how cats are in charge, well get a load of this guy!  He must truly be in charge at his house.  Hey, I need to meet him … anyone know his name?  He could drive me around where ever I want to go … like if I need some more treats or somethin’.

Anyone else have some fun furry friends photos … dogs only, sorry you feline furries .. you already have a dynamite site!