Happy New Year from Bloggie Doggie !

Okay,  I have made my New Year’s Resolutions for 2009.

1.   No Barking between 8pm and 8am.

2.   Only eat low-fat Dog Food.

3.  Leave the room if I have to Fart.

4.  Learn a new Trick.

5.  Chase the Cats and Exercise more.

6.  More posts on Bloggie Doggie, from moi.

What are you going to do my little buddies?   Well, Happy New Year,  Cheers and all that good stuff!!

Okay, so this Dog’s Not a Techie

So I’m only a dog,  but you’d think I’d have gotten some aptitude for some technical knowledge!  My dad, rest his furry soul, was a genius in that department.  I could hardly log in here to send you my musings.  If I don’t write too often it’s probably because I can’t get this dang computer to work.  I see Mik, my master, just whip away doing things on this computer.  But then, he does probably spend about 20 hours a day, either working on the thing or surfing the net, as I’ve heard him call it.  AND … I will only be able to hop on here when he is not hogging this machine.

I don’t know how many of you other dogs are starting to blog, but this does sound like fun.  Just keep those sarcastic cats off of here!  Whoops … here comes Mik, in the door, gotta go!