The Dogwalker – Only in New York

How many dogs can a dogwalker walk?  Anyone know the most dogs anyone has ever walked at one time.  This guy in New York is walking ten dogs at once!  Amazing!

Dogs in London

So I went to the park yesterday and it was beautifully hot. They have just re-opened Chiswick House, which is still a relatively untrodden secret of London’s inner city life. At the lake, by the waterfall was a girl with her dogs, 2 genetically challenged irritable Daschundts, a rather timid mis-shapen semi-labrador, and an energetic Tiggerish Spaniel, who just loved the watre and the camera.
He swam, he waited, he posed, he jumped (too quick for my snapping unfortunately). The girl even had confidence enough to throw her shoe time and again into the lake, knowing the dog would “go gittem”.
So waiting dog jumped and swam, lab dipped a toe occasionally and looked nervous, and the tiny odd coloured dachshunds barked and barked and barked. I ignored the 3 of them, in the hope they would take it as a hint to be a bit more…well ‘Doggyish’ really, and snapped the Spaniel !
By Iain in London

All Time Favorite Dog Movies & Dog Shows

We’ve been asking some dog lovers what their favorite dog movies or old TV shows featuring dogs are.

See if your favorites are on this list.

  • Old Yeller
  • Lassie Come Home
  • Homeward Bound
  • Rin Tin Tin
  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Good Boy
  • White Fang
  • Marley & Me
  • Benji
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Eight Below

Fun Fact About Siberian Husky Dogs

Not all Huskies have blue eyes. The color may vary from brown to amber to blue and even combinations reaching so far as having bi-colored eyes (half blue half brown) … and they have a great temperament!

New York City Dogs

There must be thousands upon thousands of dogs that live in New York City.  Does anyone have any idea how many actually live in the city?  This cute little black and white is a New York City doggie.  Cute, huh?

Cesar Millan is The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic

One of our very favorite shows on TV is The Dog Whisperer.  Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer and we are always in awe when we watch the show on National Geographic … Fridays at 9.

Dogopoly is A Great Game for Dogs & Their Owners

We’ve found the perfect game for all Dogs and their owners.  Fido can sit beside you as you play the game!

If you love Monopoly, you’ll love Dog-opoly which uses dogs as the theme. Instead of real estate you have dog breeds. Purchase dog houses and dog bones for your property. You also have Good Dog and Bad Dog cards. Draw the right card and maybe you’ll pass “Go Fetch” and collect $200. The wrong card might have you move back 3 spaces to wipe your feet because “You stepped in it!” There are even fun facts about breeds on the back of the “dog deed” cards.

The pewter tokens include a Fire Hydrant, Flea, Mailman, Dog Bowl, Cat, and a Steak.

For 2-6 players ages 8 to adult.  Available from SitStay.