Pet Tags That Are Handmade With Your Pet Name

Here’s a great idea for any of your pets that wear collars.  We love these metal pet tags that allow you to have your dog’s name stamped onto them.

What dog wouldn’t like to have this cute Sheriff’s star dangling on their collar.  How cute!  Many shapes to choose from.

From Etsy shop, Metals Artist, $12.50

Doggie Bunkbeds for Dog Brothers and Sisters

Have more than one dog?  Then this is a cool bed for your dogs … if they don’t fight over the top!

This dog bed has a metal frame and the bottom hideout area has zippered sides for air ventilation.  What dogs wouldn’t love this bed?

From In the Company of Dogs $179.

Get A Highchair for Your Little Doggie

How cute is this?   A highchair for your dog to sit at the table with you.  The high chair clips securely to tables up to 2″ thick and its height adjusts without tools to elevate your pet to near eye level.

It also folds up conveniently and is great to take along for trips.  From Hammacher Schlemmer.

Run and Release Dog Collar from Rad Dog

If you have a well-behaved dog that rarely needs to be put on a leash, you will love this collar from Rad Dog.

Rad Dog’s unique collar has a leash that stores in the collar, itself, until it is needed.  Dogs can roam free, but when you need to have them leashed, you can just grab the leash tab and pull.  A 3.5-foot length of spectra cord, lightweight but strong,  unspools from the collar.

The collar is available in two sizes: mini ($32.95) for dogs up to 50 pounds, and regular ($34.95) for dogs 50 to 110 pounds. For more info:

Great Doggie Car Seats & Travel Gear for Dogs

I love the carseats and doggie travel gear at In the Company of Dogs.  I sure hope Mik reads my post cause I really want to travel in comfort!  No more laying in the back of the Jeep … uh, uh!  They have tons of choices here, but I sort of like this style … my friend Mitzi could go along.

Shown is the most innovatively designed pet Car Seat, in three sizes, with molded contours to fit your vehicle. Customized groove allows a lap belt to securely surround the front and a shoulder belt to buckle on the side. Extra clip in the back for stability; harness clasp. Dense upholstery foam is covered with luxurious padded rhino suede.

Check out all the Doggie Travel options.

Elk Antler Chews – Safer Alternative for Dog Chews Than Rawhide

Dogs love to chew … that’s a fact.  But there are some products on the market that really can be dangerous for your dog, even fatal.  Most every dog has had a rawhide chew at one time or another but you might want to think twice before you hand your dog another piece of rawhide.  Here’s some info you might not know and it could save your dog’s life.

Rawhide is the inner hide from a horse or cow that has been chemically treated to remove the hair and other  materials.  It is sometimes left in its natural state or made into various shapes.  Dogs love it.  But it is quite often the cause of choking or intestinal blockage seen in dogs.  Not only do dogs bite off large pieces and swallow them unchewed but supposedly the rawhide can swell in your dog’s stomach causing a blockage.  These can cause severve gastric problems and even death.

So, what to do when you have a dog that really loves to chew.  Try Elk Antler Dog chews.   Elk Antler Chews are naturally shed antlers that won’t splinter like other hard chews, and they’re great for promoting healthy teeth and gums. They’re a 100% natural source of over 40 essential nutrients promoting strong bones and healthy joints.  They are available in different sizes for different sized dogs.

Available from  … Greener Wiener

Dogopoly is A Great Game for Dogs & Their Owners

We’ve found the perfect game for all Dogs and their owners.  Fido can sit beside you as you play the game!

If you love Monopoly, you’ll love Dog-opoly which uses dogs as the theme. Instead of real estate you have dog breeds. Purchase dog houses and dog bones for your property. You also have Good Dog and Bad Dog cards. Draw the right card and maybe you’ll pass “Go Fetch” and collect $200. The wrong card might have you move back 3 spaces to wipe your feet because “You stepped in it!” There are even fun facts about breeds on the back of the “dog deed” cards.

The pewter tokens include a Fire Hydrant, Flea, Mailman, Dog Bowl, Cat, and a Steak.

For 2-6 players ages 8 to adult.  Available from SitStay.