Doggie of the Day is Sweet Little Gia

This is our 8 year old teacup Maltese Gia.  She’s the ruler of the house, and the owner of our hearts.  Her biggest desire is to be on your lap being petted all day, if you stop she gently reminds you to keep going with a quick paw to your hand.  The love of her life is our toy Maltese Tony.  If he leaves the room for more then a few minutes, the hunt is on to find him.  If there’s a storm and she hears thunder, it’s under the bed and the shaking begins.  She’s the most adorable little girl, who’s gentle eyes, wagging tail, and snappy bark won’t let you forget that she’s really NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!

From Gia’s owner Laura

2 Responses

  1. OMG I love your little Gia…………

  2. Ohhh she is sooo cute, and sweetie!

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