Dogs in London

So I went to the park yesterday and it was beautifully hot. They have just re-opened Chiswick House, which is still a relatively untrodden secret of London’s inner city life. At the lake, by the waterfall was a girl with her dogs, 2 genetically challenged irritable Daschundts, a rather timid mis-shapen semi-labrador, and an energetic Tiggerish Spaniel, who just loved the watre and the camera.
He swam, he waited, he posed, he jumped (too quick for my snapping unfortunately). The girl even had confidence enough to throw her shoe time and again into the lake, knowing the dog would “go gittem”.
So waiting dog jumped and swam, lab dipped a toe occasionally and looked nervous, and the tiny odd coloured dachshunds barked and barked and barked. I ignored the 3 of them, in the hope they would take it as a hint to be a bit more…well ‘Doggyish’ really, and snapped the Spaniel !
By Iain in London

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