Tips for Caring for Dogs in Hot Weather

With excessive summer heat comes danger for dogs.  Owners need to be aware of summer temperatures and how they should care for their dogs.   Veterinarians say pushing dogs beyond their limit in the heat can be fatal.

Here are some TIPS:

  • Remember to exercise your dog in the mornings or evenings during very hot weather.
  • Provide plenty of drinking water during the summer, especially if you go out with your dog in the heat.
  • Never leave your dog in your vehicle during hot weather.  This can be fatal.
  • Remember that your dog will try to please you and will just keep going, even to the point of exhaustion.

Signs that your dog might be overheating:

  • Excessive panting
  • Gums get bright red
  • Disorientation

Finally, if you do not pay attention, your dog can collapse from the heat.  Vets say if your dog is experiencing these symptoms to give it a cold water bath with a hose.  If  symptoms persist you are urged to get to your local veterinarian.

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