Train Blue Tick Coonhound As a Puppy for Family Dog

Blue Tick Coonhound dogs are great dogs.  They can become a wonderful family dog if they are socialized from puppyhood.  But do beware that they are hunters and barkers.  They are excellent watchdogs and are good with kids as long as they are around from the start.

Some information about the Blue Tick Coonhound.

Size:  Coonhounds are a medium sized dog that weigh 45-80 pounds.  There is a subgroup of the Blue Tick Coonhound known as the American Blue Gascon (or sometimes ‘old fashioned Blue Tick Coonhound’) which is larger, heavier, and more hound-like in appearance.

Character:  The coonhound is loyal and intelligent and is a good watchdog.  They use different bark for different situations.

Temperament:  They are wary of stangers but good with kids and other animals provided they have been introduced to both while young.

Care:  Minimal grooming but  Coonhounds do require a lot of daily exercise.  Life span of 11-12 years.

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