Collie Dogs Are Still One of the Most Popular Dog Breeds

The Collie is a beautiful dog that is also a great family dog and good with children.  They are protective of family but not aggressive.

Origin: Great Britain
Life Expectancy: 14-16 years
Height Range: 20-26  inches
Weight Range: 60-75 Ibs
Colors: Sable/white, tan/brown, blue merle, tricolor.
Temperament: The Collie is a very intelligent dog. They have a sweet disposition and are sensitive, kind, and very easy to train. This breed is devoted and protective of his family. They are not aggressive but can be suspicious of strangers. The Collie is a good natured and very friendly dog.
Trainability:  Should start training early.  Train gently or a collie may not cooperate.
Health: Generally healthy dogs. Some lines are prone to PRA, eye defects and hip problems leading to acute lameness and arthritis.

With Other Animals: Good. Friendly with other dogs.
Children: Excellent dog if children are in family. Very playful with children.
Climate: Tolerates cold well, but  sensitive to heat.
Indoor/Outdoor: Loves the indoors, but needs the room and freedom of outdoors. This breed is okay for apartment life but will do best with an average sized yard.

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