Pet Summary – for Dog’s Health & Your Peace of Mind


Hey, doggeros … just heard Mik talking about this Pet Summary thingie .. I was bad sick the other day and Mik was so happy he had used Pet Summary.  Your caretaker gets a card with all all your important info, shots, etc, on a card to carry in their wallet.  But we were traveling and Mik forgot to keep his card with him this time.   But with Pet Summary, they keep your info on the website so Mik just printed out a copy to show to the Vet.  Actually, I guess the vets can just go there themselves and get the info with the login info your master provides.

The Pet Summary card displays:

  • A picture of your pet
  • Your contact information
  • All of your pet’s medical conditions, allergies, and current medications
  • Your pet’s daily routine and dietary requirements
  • Veterinary and Emergency contact names and information

The PetSum Card helps you:

  • Easily share useful information with pet sitters and other caregivers
  • Quickly provide current and important information in an emergency
  • Travel more safely with your pet

Go to Pet Summary for more info.

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