7 Days with 7 Dogs – a Dog-umentary

Mik got a movie recently from an Australian production company, Laughing Owl Productions.  The name of the movie/DVD is titled “7 Days with 7 Dogs“.   We just finished watching it and I must say . . . I was impressed.


At first, I was just lying on the floor by Mik’s feet … I mean, what did I care about 7 other dogs running around in Australia?  But then my ears perked up a bit when I heard that these were all Rescue Dogs.  And many of them were pretty old but they seemed to be having a really great time.  We were all shocked when the family took off with all 7 dogs to go on Holiday.   We call it vacation here, but Holiday sounds like a lot more fun!

It was an entertaining dog-umentary and we would certainly recommend it, especially if you are interested in seeing the wonderful life these people provided for a crew of Rescue dogs.  And the scenery and music was well worth the watch.   For more information about this movie and others filmed by Laughing Owl Productions, go to http://www.laughingowl.com.au

We are giving away 1 DVD copy of “7 Days for 7 Dogs”.  Please leave a comment here and one random winner will be chosen from the comments.  Giveaway will end February 12, 2009.

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good movie. Love to win.

  2. This is amazing. The dogs are all so cute and sweet. We have rescued dogs and cats before but I’m not so sure we would be so adventurous to take 7 dogs on vacation. I’m so glad that there are people in the world who are this kind and loving.

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