Now Hear This … NO Grapes, Raisins or Sugarless Gum

Good Grief!  My master, Mik, just read that you can’t feed grapes or raisins to Dogs.  He said they could kill us!  And I love grapes … well, actually, I’ll eat just about anything … really now, I’m a Lab!

My family never, ever lets me have Chocolate … they always said it could make me deathly ill.  But gosh, they never knew about those grapes … guess it’s good they found out before it was TOO late!  I also heard them talking about Sugarless Gum.  Apparently it causes a life-threatening drop in blood pressure, followed by liver failure.  I guess I won’t be sneaking any of that!

So, I just wanted to let you little Buddies know about this.  Remember, No grapes, raisins, chocolate or sugarless gum.

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