Hey, Who Put This Camera Collar On Me ?

Gee, I just woke up and realized that I have some digital camera hanging around my neck.  What the heck?!

Mik and the family are going away for the weekend and I heard Missy telling Mik that she will be anxious to see what Jasper and I … Jasper is my cat buddy … are up to while they’re away.  Oh great!  We were planning this BIG party, but now I guess we won’t be havin’ the buds over.


Plus we like to play hide n’ seek when no one is around … hmmm … maybe Jasper can figure how to get this off and then back on.   It is pretty creative of those inventors … keeping track of those packs that like to party, but we’ll see.  If you’re wondering what your pets are up to when you’re away, I have to admit that this is, maybe, a good idea.


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