Turkey Day is Coming and This Dog is Happy

I guess I’m just not a good corresponder … you’re probably wondering what happened to me.  Truth is, sometimes I’m just a little lazy.  And I’ve spent a lot of time, wasting time, actually, because there is a new cat in the neighborhood.  Of course, Mik decides to feed her since she’s friendly and what does she do … she just moves into my territory … my private domain!  He even put a bed in the garage for her cause it’s getting cold out.  Can you believe that?  Well, she’s not too bad but my buddy, Jasper … that’s our cat, is really peeved.  So, this little scenario has been takin up my time.

I’m gearing up for Turkey day though.  Lots of company, lots of kids and probably lots of dropped food!!  I just love those turkey leftovers, don’t you?  Actually, I have a secret to tell you.  When I was just a pup, and it was my first Thanksgiving, I waited until everyone was out of the kitchen and I tried my first pumpkin pie.  Well, only the filling part.  You see, I stood on my hind legs and licked all the filling out of the pie crust … yum … I didn’t even mess up that crust.  They could have just filled it again.  Mik was so mad.  I got sent to my crate on my very first Thanksgiving.  I think everyone realized from that day on that I was a dog that loved baked goods.  I’ll tell you some other true stories later.

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