Dogs in Halloween Costumes Make for a Scary Halloween

I guess you’ve all seen them by now … the Halloween costumes for dogs.  I can’t believe what some dogs will do for their owners, like make total fools of themselves.  I know their owners think they’re cute, but what they don’t know is that all the other dogs are making fun of them.  Dogs are supposed to be dogs … not pirates or mermaids.  Yes, that’s right I saw a dog in a mermaid costume the other day.  A friend of Mik’s came over and showed him her dog in the mermaid costume she made.  The dog looked ridiculous.  I had to leave the room.  The dog, Maisy, was so embarrased.  Don’t get me wrong … I like to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up when they come to trick or treat, but they won’t catch me in a costume.  It’s bad enough that Mik will make me wear an orange & black collar but that’s as far as I’ll go.

Well, boo to you … have a happy halloween … and don’t dress up your dog!!

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