Check out the Farting Dog, Fartzmor

Okay … I just came across a site I know all you dogs can relate to … It is too funny … you have to listen to the farting tips this dog gives.  I was rolling around on the floor howling!


What’s so funny is that all the humans always blame all their farts on us anyways … don’t they?  Have you experienced this?  I mean, my family, God love them, as soon as there is a whiff in the air … they go pee..ew !!  And I get up and leave the room … I feel guilty … even if it wasn’t me!  Once when Mik had company his friend Dan says “yikes I stepped on a frog!”  Give me a break!  There weren’t even any frogs in the vicinity.  But at least he didn’t blame it on me.  Well, check it out … I know you’ll get a laugh.

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