Dog Treats to Brighten Any Dog’s Day

Well, I was feeling a little lonely when I saw all the neighborhood kids get on that schoolbus yesterday morning.  So Mik pulled out a package of dog treats he had been saving for just such an occasion.  WOW!  These were more than treats … I never tasted anything so doggone delicious!  Have you ever tried Dotties’s Dipped Delights?  They’re from the Three Dog Bakery and anyone can get these.  I heard Mik tell his buddy Sam that they have a website at  You need to beg for these things … I’m really not kidding.  Hey … when the master is in bed, just check out your computer and leave the page open to  You might snag some of these goodies for yourself little buddy.  Maybe I’ll get another of those tasty little morsels today.                            Gotta go … biscuits to you!

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