Beachy times for a Sun Lovin’ Dog

We just got back from the Outer Banks last night from a whole week at the beach.  Our cottage was in Nags Head and even with eight bedrooms we filled them all.  I had a great time with all the little kids … nine total, from age 8 on down.  You can imagine all the goodies I managed to scrounge from kids dropping food!  It was great!  Running up and down the steps kept me in shape though.

My master, Mik, took a lot of photography trips by himself … it was a little chaotic with all the little kids but they were having fun.   My favorite part of the trip was getting to ride on a surfboard … move over Tillman!  I did wipeout but it was fun!  You just have to get used to balancing the board … that was the hardest part for me.

Now all the kids are getting ready for back to school tomorrow.  Guess I’ll be getting more naptime in now.  Hey, have any of you dogs tried those new sundried tomato Wheat Thins?  Wow!  Mik had those at the beach and let me tell you … they are tasty!  I actually finished off half of the box when everyone was busy looking for shells.  They’re even better than gourmet biscuits!

Well … gotta go … Mik is coming to use the computer.

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