I’m a Lucky Dog

Mik and the family are heading to Nicaragua for Kira’s wedding tomorrow.  The wedding will take place on Friday, 8/8/08, which is supposed to be a new beginnings, lucky kind of day.  But, I’m the lucky one … my personal “dog sitter” comes over five times a day when the family is gone.  I don’t have to go to a kennel, cause they tried that once and all I could do was foam at the mouth … I was soooo upset.  Oh, yeah, I barked day and night, and I was only there one night!   So, I think they got the message … “I want to stay home!”

Actually, as soon as the family leaves … Jasper, my cat buddy, and I turn on the TV and get on the sofas.  We just sort of hang out and enjoy having the house to ourselves.  When Mary, our sitter, comes over she gives us treats and plays with us … a lot of quality time!  Sometimes Jasper and I have races and play hide n’ seek … we so love it when the family leaves.

Well, I think they’re about packed.  Biscuits to you!

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