Boo Hoo … Tillman is eliminated !

Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when they eliminated Tillman on Greatest American Dog last night.  That dog so totally depicted “lazy” … the word that Ron drew for their photographic session.  They should have gotten rid of the dog with the snarl band for sure … if my master, Mik, put one of those on me I think I’d have to bite him and show him that I not only looked “angry” but that I was angry!  And I’m a pretty laid-back kinda mutt.  I don’t think I’ll watch that show anymore.  But I guess Tillman told the judges what he thought of their decision … he farted on the way out!  Way to go buddy!

The show Mik really likes is Dog Whisperer with Caesar Milan.  That man amazes even me!  I get mesmerized just watching.  He is a real pack leader, that guy.  I wouldn’t mind hanging around with his pack for a few days … getting to know the other canines.

Mik is out taking photographs and I’m just lazing around the house.  Hey, I just had a great thought … maybe when I go to the beach with the fam … I might run into Tillman skimboarding.  How cool would that be? !  Actually, I think I’ll try that sport … I’m not big on water, but hey, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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